Energimåler - ZW095-3C

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 The Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 - ZW095-3C (3 clamp version).

Installed in an electricity box the Home Energy Meter Gen5 will monitor the total consumption of electricity used by an entire building. Device will report this data back to your Z-Wave gateway or controller in Watts or KW-hours in real time. So you can see how much electricity you really use and when you use it.

  • Communicates via Z-Wave Plus RF (868,42 MHz)
  • RF Range: up to 30m indoors, up to 100m outdoors
  • Security: AES-128 encryption
  • Support: Beaming and Z-Wave explorer frames
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrades
  • Group for Association: 1 (Max 5 nodes)
  • Current transformers (CT): 3 clamp version
  • Power: Works from a mains supply

 CT Clamp for 60A rating - Max. 10mm cable dimension.
     CT Clamp for 100A rating - Max. 15mm cable dimension.
     CT Clamp for 200A rating - Max. 24mm cable dimension.

 Note: For 3-phase installation with Neutral Bus (4 Wires).

 Attention! The Home Energy Meter connects to mains power in your electricity box, as such a professional electrician is required for a safe installation.

Click here to visit Aeotec Support page for Home Energy Meter Gen5

ProtokollZ-Wave Plus
EnhetstypeSub Energy Meter
Støtter Z-Wave Beaming Teknologi?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave Nettverkssikkerhet?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave AES-128 Sikkerhet S0?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave Sikkerhet S2?Nei
Firmware oppgraderbar?Ja
Nominell spenning180 - 260V AC, 50/60Hz
Driftstemperatur0°C ~ 40°C
Størrelse (L x B x H) mm100 x 65 x 35
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Brukerveiledning - ZW095

Installasjon og brukerveiledning - Aeotec ZW095

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Tech Manual - ZW095-3C

Avansert Teknisk Brukerveiledning - Aeotec ZW095-3C

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Energimåler - ZW095-3C

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