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 X-10 Wireless Security System - HomeGuard Premium from Convia.

This Kit contains the MS8000D main unit (with PIR sensor, powerhorn and dial out device). Distinguishes between 3 different alarm zones: e.g. intrusion, smoke or panic (sends 3 different tone signals over the phone in case of alarm). Wireless Smoke Detector (no limits in additional sensors). Wireless MS10E, PIR-Sensor (no limits in additional PIR-sensors). Mini Remote with X-10 control functionality (this Remote control have the same features as the SH624).

  • Communicates via X-10 RF (433,92 MHz)
  • RF Range: Up to 30m through floors and walls
  • PIR range: 180º - 6 meter, straight forward - 12 meter (PIR can be switched off)
  • Internal siren: 95 dB(A)
  • Remote control: Max. 4 to log-on
  • Telephone number selector: Built-in; max. 3 numbers of max. 16 digits
  • Back-up battery: 12 hours stand-by time
EnhetstypeSecurity System
Nominell spenning9V DC / 1A (via External Power Supply)
Driftstemperatur-10°C ~ 50°C

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HomeGuard Premium

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