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 PowerMid® Xtra from Marmitek.

The PowerMid® Xtra kit consists of an 4in1 Remote Control and a PowerMid® receiver. The 4in1 Remote transmits RF signals through walls and floors. The PowerMid® receiver converts the commands of the 4in1 Remote into infrared signals to control your equipment in other rooms. With the 4in1 Remote it is possible to control your equipment in line of sight as well as remotely through the PowerMid® receiver. On top of that this remote can also control lights and appliances anywhere in your home when used with X-10 Home Automation Modules.

  • Universal Preprogrammed Remote Control for AV equipment and X-10 Home Automation
  • Communicates via X-10 RF (433,92 MHz) and IR
  • RF Range: Up to 30m outdoors, up to 20m through floors and walls
  • IR Range: Up to 8 meters
EnhetstypeSignal Transmission
Nominell spenning220 - 240V AC, 50Hz
Driftstemperatur10°C ~ 50°C

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PowerMid Xtra

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