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 Z-Wave Plus flush-mounted Universal Dimmer from Aeotec - ZW111 with Power Metering feature.

Aeotec Nano Dimmer is a Z-Wave Smart Dimmer specifically used to enable Z-Wave command and control (on/off/dim) of any wall switches. It can report immediate wattage consumption or kWh energy usage over a period of time. In the event of power failure, non-volatile memory retains all programmed information relating to the unit’s operating status.
It can connect to 2 external manual switches to control the load ON/OFF independently. Its surface has a pin socket, which can be used for connecting to the touch panel, so you can also use the touch panel to control the Nano Dimmer. It can be used as "Electronic Switch" in 3-wire connection.

  • Communicates via Z-Wave Plus RF (868,42 MHz)
  • Range: up to 150m free field, up to 30m in buildings
  • Group for Association: 4 (Max 5 nodes per Group)
  • Security: AES-128 encryption
  • Support: Beaming and Z-Wave explorer frames
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrades
  • For resistive, inductive and capacitive loads (Do not connect any mixed loads)
  • Supported Loads: (Look User/Installation manual for more information)
  • Implemented algorithm for smart light source detection
  • Auto-adjustment of the appropriate control mode (leading edge or trailing edge) to connected load
  • Load for fan motor: Max 100W mono-phase asynchronous motor
  • Soft start function
  • With memory function of the last lighting level settings
  • Works with various types of switches – momentary, toggle, three-way, etc.
  • Dimmer type: Universal (bidirectional MOSFET switch)
  • Rated Current Output: 1,2A maximum
  • Supports both 2-wire and 3-wire connections
  • Power measurement accuracy: ±3W
  • Surge and Overload Protection
  • Max standby power: < 1W

 Attention! This dimmer module suitable for dimming of low-voltage halogen lighting, CFL tube lamps and LED based lamps. The dimmer does not work for every installation, because not every transformer, CFL or LED can be dimmed. Dimmable electronic transformers, CFLs and LEDs as standard is marked as "DIMMABLE".
Non compatible light device may work but is likely can produce light flickering and (or) an audible humming or buzzing noise when dimmed. This noise and (or) flickering is usually a symptoms of internal stress, which in turn can cause failure of the connected device or dimmer. Add 20-30% to the total lamp wattage on a transformer circuit or 50% on LEDs circuit. This provides a margin for transformer and LEDs losses when calculating circuit loading.

Click here to visit Aeotec Support and Firmware Update page for Nano Dimmer

ProtokollZ-Wave Plus
EnhetstypeLight Dimmer Switch, Always On Slave
Støtter Z-Wave Beaming teknologi?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave nettverkssikkerhet?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave AES-128 sikkerhet S0?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave sikkerhet S2?Nei
Firmware oppgraderbar?Ja
StyreelementUniversal (Bidirectional MOSFET switch)
Belastning1,2A (se brukerveiledning for mer info)
Nominell spenning120 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Driftstemperatur0°C ~ 40°C
Størrelse (L x B x H) mm42 x 39,5 x 20
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Brukerveiledning - ZW111

Installasjon og brukerveiledning - Aeotec ZW111

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Tech Manual - ZW111

Avansert Teknisk Brukerveiledning - Aeotec ZW111

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Dimmer - ZW111

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Enkle å sette opp og dimmer alle lysene jeg har uten problem og flimmer. Bruker de på både led, halogen spotter ++

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