Veggkontroller - CRC-2-6

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 The Soft Remote EnOcean Controller - CRC-2-6 from NodOn®.

The NodOn® Soft Remote is a wireless and battery-less remote controller, EnOcean® compliant. The mechanical energy created by pushing the button(s) is transformed, via a revolutionary magneto-resistive generator, in enough electrical energy to send a radio frame to the controlled device. The Soft Remote allows to control any kind of EnOcean® compliant device, such as the NodOn® Smart Plug, or a Home Automation Gateway. Spill and shock resistant, the Soft Remote can be used anywhere in the house. Its embedded magnet allows to fix it everywhere, from the heater to the fridge door!

  • Communicates via EnOcean RF (868,3 MHz)
  • RF Range Typical: 30 meters
  • 4 buttons – 2 channels
  • Embedded magnet for metallic surface sticking
  • Power source - Magneto-resistive (no battery)
  • Available colors: Tech Blue or Cozy Grey
EnhetstypePortable Remote Controller
Nominell spenningMagneto-resistive (no battery)
Driftstemperatur-10°C ~ 50°C
Størrelse (L x B x H) mm56 x 56 x 20
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Oppsettveiledning - CRC-2-6

Hurtig Oppsettveiledning - NodOn® CRC-2-6

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Veggkontroller - CRC-2-6

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