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Transceiver (Encrypt) - S4023G

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 X-10 Plug-in (Encrypt) Transceiver Module (EU-Schuko plug) - S4023G.

The S4023G is a Transceiver Module designed to receive Encrypted X-10 RF (433 MHz) commands from your Encrypt Remotes and Motion sensors. The S4023G also has a built-in appliance module (230V, 800W). The built in Appliance Module is only accessible from the Remote Control (it does not respond to X-10 PLC signals). The Manual Control button on the front of the S4023G can be used to turn a connected Appliance ON/OFF. You need just one S4023G per installation when you use a wireless controller. The unit’s Address and Options data are all stored in permanent memory and are preserved through a loss of power.

  • Communicates via Encrypted X-10 RF (433,92 MHz) and X-10 Powerline: 120 kHz ± 2 kHz / 2.5 Vpk-pk
  • Signal Sensitivity: 15mVpp Min., 50mVpp Max. at 120kHz
  • X-10 Key codes: All Units Off, On, Off
  • Can receive 1-16 different Houses Codes simultaneously
  • Switching capacity: 800W (resistive loads)
  • Manual operation via push-on button
  • Display elements: LED for status display
  • Power Consumption: < 1W

 Note! Only works with Encrypted X-10 Remotes. Remotes must be registered with this transceiver in order to work.

EnhetstypeEncrypt Transceiver Modul
Maksimal belastning800W (Resistiv last); 400W (Induktiv/Kapasitiv last)
Nominell spenning230V AC ± 10%, 50Hz
Driftstemperatur-10°C ~ 50°C
Størrelse (L x B x H) mm110 x 60 x 50 (without plug)
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Brukerveiledning - S4023G

Installasjon og brukerveiledning - Super S4023G

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Transceiver (Encrypt) - S4023G

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