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 Z-Wave Plus Wall Mounted Secure Controller - WALLC-2 from Z-Wave.Me.

This battery operated Secure Controller capable to act both as primary or secondary controller. Can control other Z-Wave devices such as switches, dimmer and even door locks directly. In addition the controller is able to distinguish single and double click triggering appropriate functions.
Various options – configurable by Z-Wave configuration commands – define the actions and the commands used for this control. It is possible to use two sets of buttons (one for on/open/up and one for off/closed/down).
The controller also allows triggering scenes in a central controller. Again different modes can be configured to adapt to the various implementations of scenes in different central controllers in the market. Control options also include special modes like „All ON/OFF“ or always controlling directly associated Z-Wave devices.
The device supports secure communication when included with enhanced security option and when communicating to a device also supporting enhanced security option. Otherwise the device will automatically turn into normal communication to maintain backward compatibility.
The Wall Controller has a wall plate, to guarantee an easy device mounting. You can screwing it on the wall or mounting box. It is also possible to use the double sided tape strips on the back side of the wall plate for device mounting.

  • Communicates via Z-Wave Plus RF (868,42 MHz)
  • RF Range Typical: up to 100m in a free field, up to 20m in buildings
  • Standard and enhanced security (AES-128 encryption)
  • System Administrator, Transmitter
  • Supports Scenes and Associations
  • Group for Association: 5 (Max 10 nodes per Group)
  • Can be programmed to send "All ON" and "All OFF" commands
  • Child protection mode
  • Push-buttons: 1-gang or 2-gang
  • 4 buttons can be assigned free (as single buttons or button pairs)
  • Respective paddle and mounting frame included in delivery

Note: Can be used with frames from: ELKO (RS-16, Plus), Schneider Exxact, Eljo Trend, ELSO, Norvesco, Berker (S.1, B.1, B.3, B.7 Glas), GIRA (System 55, Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit), Merten (1-M, Atelier-M, M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Star, M-Plan), JUNG (A 500, AS 500, A Plus, A Creation).

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ProtokollZ-Wave Plus
EnhetstypePortable Remote Controller
Støtter Z-Wave Beaming teknologi?Nei
Støtter Z-Wave nettverkssikkerhet?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave AES-128 sikkerhet S0?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave sikkerhet S2?Nei
Firmware oppgraderbar?Nei
Nominell spenning1x (3.0V) Lithium CR2032 batteri
Driftstemperatur0°C ~ 40°C
Størrelse (L x B x H) mm86 x 86 x 14
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Brukerveiledning - WALLC-2

Installasjon og brukerveiledning - Z-Wave.Me WALLC-2

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Veggkontroller - WALLC-2

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Bra kontroller for dimmere

Testet på VeraEdge og det gikk relativt kjapt og enkelt å melde den inn og assosiere to stk forskjellige z-wave dimmere (Fibaro Dimmer 2 og en Qubino Flush dimmer (ikke ZW Plus)). Den kan slå av og på samt dimme opp og ned begge dimmerene i synk. Har ikke testet noe sentrale scenarios kun assosiering.

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