Universal Sensor - FGBS-222

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Z-Wave Plus Smart Implant Sensor - FGBS-222 from Fibaro.

FIBARO Smart Implant allows to enhance the functionality of wired sensors and other devices by adding Z-Wave network communication. You can connect binary sensors, analog sensors, DS18B20 temperature sensors or DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor to report their readings to the Z-Wave controller. It can also control devices by opening/closing output contacts independently of the inputs.
Whether to control your garage door or the heating system, as an intelligent supplement to your alarm system or simply to make every device smart in your home. The FIBARO Smart Implant can also be connected to sensors in the garden that the Smart Home does not end at the front door. As a further development of the Universal binary Sensor, the FIBARO Smart Implant controls the connected device, can be used for scene control, has a temperature sensor and is compatible with binary sensors.

  • Communicates via Z-Wave Plus RF (868,42 MHz)
  • Range: up to 50m free field, up to 40m in buildings
  • Group for Association: 3 (Group 1 support 1 node, Group 2 - 3 support 5 nodes)
  • Security: Mode S0 with AES-128 and S2 encryption with PRNG
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrades
  • Inputs: 2x 0-10V or digital inputs, 1x serial 1-wire input
  • Outputs: 2 potential-free outputs (independently control)
  • Supported digital sensors: 6x DS18B20 or 1x DHT22
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Built-in temperature sensor measurement range: -55°C ~ 126°C
  • Maximum current carrying capacity of outputs: 150mA
  • Maximum voltage at output contacts: 30V DC / 20V AC ±5%
  • Supply voltage: 9-30V DC ±10%

 In order to connect the DS18B20 sensors it is recommended to use conductors made from a single wire with a length of up to 30 meters.

 Attention! Smart Implant Sensor - FGBS-222 is not an battery operated device. It is always awake so it can route Z-Wave frames.

Click here to visit Fibaro Support page for Smart Implant Sensor

ProtokollZ-Wave Plus S2, Smart Start
EnhetstypeRouting Binary Sensor
Støtter Z-Wave Beaming teknologi?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave nettverkssikkerhet?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave AES-128 sikkerhet S0?Ja
Støtter Z-Wave sikkerhet S2?Ja
Smart Start kompatibel?Ja
Firmware oppgraderbar?Ja
Nominell spenning9-30V DC ±10%
Driftstemperatur0°C ~ 40°C
Størrelse (L x B x H) mm29 x 18 x 13
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Brukerveiledning - FGBS-222

Installasjon og brukerveiledning - Fibaro FGBS-222

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Universal Sensor - FGBS-222

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